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loving and loveable cat needs a forever home

December 17, 2011: WE HAVE A HOME FOR MOUSTACHE! Thanks to everyone who expressed interest and spread the signal--she gets a family for the Yule holiday!

edited to add: if it doesn't work out, we'll take her back. We don't want her homeless or in a shelter!

The guy who helps us keep house is just as big a mushball for cats as well are. Unfortunately, he is up to his limit with 5 cats. He knew about this girl, one of the cats in the area around his yard, and when he saw her developing a little football belly, he brought her straight to us. She isn't feral like the other cats he keeps an eye on, so she came along very willingly, and because we already have a houseful, she's been living in our mud room. She would VERY much like a forever home and family of her own!

For obvious reasons, we've named her Ms. Moustache (pronounced the French way, moo-STASH). If you live within driving distance of Syracuse NY and can convince me you will take care of her and can keep her on a permanent basis, she is yours. She has had her shots, and she is spayed. Something happened to her tail, so it isn't as long as she would like, because you know she's the kind of sweetie who would love to wave her tail in the air!

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